NOTIVA SANCTUM is an automated solution that generates real-time email notification and transaction alerts for businesses and is used by clients to keep track of important business updates. It is a direct plug and play software used by banks to transmit secured SWIFT foreign transaction alerts and acknowledgements, as well as bank advices and account statements over SWIFT approved interfaces like TurboSWIFT, Alliance Access, IGTPlus, etc. Banks use NOTIVA SANCTUM to process different formats of data gathered from its internal banking solutions and notify customers regarding bank related updates. NOTIVA SANCTUM maintains its own database and traps the entire lifecycle of a transaction with an audit trail. It acts both as an effective reporting tool for banks as well as a fraud detection solution. It is an easy-to-use and highly customizable email/sms notification tool and can be used by any business in notifying their customers on a regular basis, irrespective of their size, industry and scale of operations.

Common Challenges in Banking Notification Arena

Banking today has grown on a massive scale and become very complex with thousands of transactions being done per day at every retail branch. In case of foreign transactions through SWIFT interfaces, SWIFT Acknowledgements are today manually printed and faxed or couriered to customers for updating them regarding their transaction status. With manual intervention, the messages are routed to branches leading to a few days lag and further delay in the process of notification to the customers. Moreover, with more and more money laundering threats in the financial services domain, banks are in dire need of solutions that not only notify customers but trap the entire transaction in an audit trail that provides the necessary check on foreign transactions. Against this backdrop and amidst a severely competitive market where there is an increasing pressure on Banks to maintain good customer relation, real-time automated notification for the customers is very crucial. A Solution like NOTIVA SANCTUM is thus a boon to any bank.

Our Customized Solutions

NOTIVA SANCTUM is your very own personalized real-time customer email/SMS notification tool that understands the unique notification needs of your firm and its clients/customers, integrates itself and processes data from your internal system and keeps your customers/clients informed about any important update that you want, anytime. It is easy-to-use, real-time, automated, and fully customizable with interactive dashboards handling various kinds of transactions and notifications, generating complex reports with just one click. Our Beyond Solutions philosophy helps us to not only centre ourselves around our core belief of providing the best email/SMS notification solutions but also to provide high-quality support services that is tailor-made to suit your firm and its specific requirements.

What NOTIVA SANCTUM does for Banks

  • Process & Notify SWIFT transactions (Both incoming & outgoing) via SMS Email in PDF format

  • Act as a Direct plug & play device for Banks over S.W.I.F.T. Approved Interface (Turbo SWIFT, Alliance Access, GMP etc..) and Integrates with any Alliance/Entry using AFT & Message Partner

  • Provide View & Print access of ALL SWIFT messages to Branches

  • Wild Card Search within the message for Reporting purposes

  • Not Acknowledged Message Notification sent to respective Branches for correction

  • State of the art security with Four Eye concept (maker/checker)

  • Supports most of the customer-centric SWIFT FIN messaging standards

  • Audit logs with minute details made available

  • Customized Reporting of SWIFT transactions

  • Generate Statutory Reports needed by the Central Bank of India

  • Data Analysis for Internal purposes

  • Provide access to Nostro Statements to Branches

  • Notify Bank Advices & Account Statements generated by CBS to Customers

  • Provision to provide Data Repository for historical SWIFT transactions

  • Generate customized Email Template with Advertisement as a part of the PDF file sent

  • Act as a check against money laundering and generate MIS and reports at one click