NOTIVA RECON is a NOSTRO account reconciliation product that assists banks in matching MT202 with MT300 messages. It pools data from internal treasury systems and matches all deals and transactions with the corresponding NOSTRO statements.

The Key Features of NOTIVA RECON

  • Allows 1-1, 1-many, many-1 and many-many combination for reconciliation

  • Allows manual entry from statements where electronic transaction data is unavailable

  • Robust matching engine with versatility for de­fining matching options

  • Internet browser-based, thin client architecture allows for reconciliation to be carried out from multiple workstations, locations accessing the application on a central server

  • Three types of matching algorithms used for performing reconciliation include:

    • A manual match where the users have to select the entries on both the ledger and the statement side and then match

    • An automatic match where rules are defi­ned for different accounts and these rules are used automatically to match the data from the selected accounts

    • An intelligent match where there is a set of ten predefi­ned rules to match the data for the selected accounts

  • Add-on module to manage exceptions and communications