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NOTIVA PRIME is a user-friendly, dashboard-driven, browser-based offering which integrates multiple internal systems of the bank with the bank’s SWIFT system. It enables a high level of automation and provides real-time monitoring for cross border and treasury payments. Further, it facilitates real-time Sanction Screening and automates the process of e-mail noti­fications for your branches and end customers, and thereby saves time and resources in attending to queries from end-clients. Our middleware solution is highly adaptable to format changes prescribed by SWIFT year-after-year and meets all the needs typically required by a bank. NOTIVA PRIME adds immense value to the bank as the data once entered into the CBS system would directly be pushed to the SWIFT system. It is an ideal solution for monitoring every SWIFT outbound message sent by the bank’s network, thereafter, staying safe from potential malware attacks. NOTIVA PRIME is a licensed product supporting all the major SWIFT FIN messages. The following Message Types are supported by NOTIVA PRIME by default: MT 103, MT 202, MT 300, MT 320, MT 700, MT 707, MT 730, MT 734, MT 742, MT 752, MT 754, MT 760 and MT 799. Additionally, if a bank requires any other message type to be supported, the same can be rolled out as per need.

NOTIVA Prime Workflow for Assisting RBI Compliance

A direct plug-in middleware solution for CBS and SWIFT Integration along with built-in fraud detection intelligence


  • Real-time STP of both structured and unstructured data between bank’s CBS and SWIFT system shall be a part of NOTIVA PRIME

  • Real-time tracking and reconciling CBS source data with its corresponding SWIFT acknowledgement (ACK)

  • Ensuring that users entering/passing/authorizing CBS transactions are different from those operating SWIFT

  • Ready integrated nostro-reconciliation module

  • Real-time Sanction list Screening for both inward and outward transactions

  • Creating SWIFT data repository and utilizing historical data for customized reports and business analytics

  • Message validation as per SWIFT Messaging Standards, thereby reducing non-acknowledgement (NACK)

  • View and print access for all branches' corresponding SWIFT transactions


For the Excellence in SWIFT Products and Services, used for Core Banking Systems


  • NOTIVA RECON - a nostro-reconciliation module shall be a part of NOTIVA

  • Auto cancellation MT 192 message in case of direct message sending from bank’s S.W.I.F.T. system

  • End-of-day auto reconciliation of consolidated CBS transactions with input sequence number (ISN) traffic summary report

  • Real-time reconciling and matching inward MT 103/202 messages with NOSTRO statements

  • Rule engine for the banks to set speci­fic rules for compliance


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