• Paushali Majumder

NOTIVA Partners with Synnex Group for the India Banking Summit 2019

Updated: Aug 22, 2019


NOTIVA - a flagship product of Globsyn 3rdLife, proudly partnered with Synnex Group as one of the main sponsors of The India Banking Summit & Awards 2019 held at Hotel Novotel, Mumbai on the 13th and 14th of June 2019.

The event followed a 2-day schedule based on the theme “The Next Generation of Banking”, which threw light upon providing a platform for industry stakeholders to work out a road map for unleashing the true potential of the sector. Attendees witnessed some great discussions on the ever-evolving aspects of banking revolution in 2019, put forward by a panel of prolific speakers and key representatives of the Indian banking sector.

The discussions at the forum focused on the ongoing changes including the evolution in the Banking Industry, Consumer values, Technological disruptions, Digitization etc. with a view to understand the influence of these developments on Banking business and explore the need for operations excellence; new products and a pool of next gen leaders to sustain high growth in the present changing financial environment.

Here’s what Ambarish Singh, Head Business Development, Globsyn 3rd.Life had to say about the event, and how our featured product NOTIVA is making inroads into rehabilitating the current banking scenario, potentially vulnerable to cyber frauds and scams,

“We are a FinTech and a RegTech company primarily focusing into providing FRM solutions to banks dealing with both foreign exchange and domestic payments, helping them into being compliant with the stringent RBI mandates and streamlining their domestic and cross-border transactions. Our entire range of fintech products, viz. Notiva Prime, Notiva Central and Notiva Core are a set of Indian makes built with an aim of catering to specific problems faced by banks in current times.

Talking about vulnerability towards potential cyber threats and scams, small-scale banks are the most affected today, and, in such a scenario, NOTIVA comes in as a first-hand remedy to curb malpractices lurking in the transaction management system. So, by all means, we are gearing to empower small-scale to large-scale banks with secure transaction monitoring by developing hi-tech, robust, yet affordable solutions that seamlessly monitor and track both cross-border and domestic transactions, and aligning banking people, processes and technology with the requisite regulatory compliance and good governance standards.

Being a Table Partner at The India Banking Summit 2019 has been a wonderful opportunity for us. It was great connecting with like-minds who addressed the crux of the current banking-related problems today and laid open a pathway to help one and all embrace a new wave of banking transformation.”

In a nutshell, some of the key attractions of the India Banking Summit 2019 were:

  • Coming together of the entire banking ecosystem in India under one common platform

  • Power Packed Panels on FINTECH, Risk and Security Challenges, Retail Banking, Digital Banking

  • Exclusive CXO Panel on Indian Banking Landscape

  • Dedicated Panel discussion on Data & Cyber Security in Banking

  • Exclusive CTO Panel on Digitization & innovation in Banking & Policy and Regulatory Session

  • Special Session on Building a World-Class Customer Experience in 2019

Here are some of the exclusive insiders of the event