Total Messaging is a secure and comprehensive messaging solution in the financial platform that connects banks and corporations across both domestic and global networks.

Payment Solutions is one of our areas of expertise at Globsyn NOTIVA, and Total Messaging increases operational efficiency and processes accurate, cost-effective, faster financial transactions. Globsyn NOTIVA in association with Finastra, which is widely reputed as the 3rd largest fintech company in the world with 9000+ customers including 48 out of top 50 banks globally, aims to carve a niche in secure transaction banking, thereby protecting all our customers' technology investments.

Common Challenges in Payment Solutions Area

With financial institutions constantly under pressure to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, the huge volume of payment messages that goes through a bank and needs to be managed on a daily basis is huge. Global banks and corporations in today's time manage thousands to millions of payment messages, that too in relation to numerous message warehouses around the world. Apart from being hugely expensive, the need to communicate with global counterparties, operating in multi-currencies, in different time zones, speaking different languages, and abiding by multi regulatory guidelines, it is also majorly risky. Manual intervention is required which in turn burdens resources and increases the chances of human error. The need for banks and corporations, therefore, is a state-of-the-art technology that eliminates manual intervention, thereby reducing risk, improving efficiency, thereby saving both time and money.

Finastra Solutions - Total Messaging

Total Messaging helps banks and corporations to connect to the global SWIFT network via SWIFTNet FIN, SWIFT FileAct or SWIFT InterAct. It is used to communicate with FIN or FUND messages to control their file flow. Seamless integration with bank treasury systems reduces the onboarding cost. advanced straight through-processing, web-based technology and advanced drill down and query capabilities increases operational efficiency. The payment solution is delivered as a customized on premise solution or is available through a multi-tenant hosted solution in the form of a highly resilient service bureau solution, further saving time, money and reducing risk.


  • Integrated dashboard giving high visibility

  • Connectivity to Interbank services such as SWIFT (FIN, FileAct, InterAct) and many others

  • Interfaces with many banking applications, ERP systems, treasury management systems, transaction filter and reconciliation packages

  • Advanced straight-through-processing

  • Support for Smart Cards and SecureID

  • Message entry, investigation, conversion, (de)-bulking, deluxe routing and most middleware functionality

  • Leverages the latest Web 2.0 technology.


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