You are welcome to join an exclusive webinar on "SWIFT Payments Fundamentals" scheduled on 2nd May 2020 from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM IST, which shall help you understand the core fundamentals of SWIFT and the several best practices to be

incorporated by Banks for running smooth SWIFT operations.

In present times almost all major countries globally are struggling to cope with a tragic pandemic, something that the human race has not seen in the recent modern times, and resultantly, businesses are grappling with a sudden change in the dynamics. Amidst all these chaos the Banking Industry as a part of the "essential services" has stood up against all odds and is helping the entire community towards providing all the essential Banking services. Globsyn’s team here is ready to help Bankers facing the challenges in their SWIFT environment in this current situation and would be very happy to start a series of webinars related to SWIFT.

It has been more than 2 decades, Globsyn has been closely working towards meeting Banks on-going business needs and requirements when it comes to providing secure SWIFT Certified/Accredited Interfaces and sophisticated ready-to-use middleware solutions which enable a high level of automation and help Banks in real-time monitoring their cross border and treasury payments. Globsyn has always leveraged technology, its in-house knowledge, domain expertise, and collaboration with domain experts for providing consultancy and solutions to Banks. The fact is that the area of SWIFT has not been explored much and has a limited reach to only a specific set of people working in a Bank. We are sure that by engaging with Globsyn through this webinar, every participant would manifold benefit by seeking further insight on how the SWIFT environment can be further safeguarded by Banks.

Several Banks in INDIA use our end-to-end SWIFT services for decades and we have been guiding them from time to time on inculcating best practices to run their Banks’ SWIFT operations. Our partnership with FINASTRA has leveraged us to offer state-of-the-art solutions to Banks in the Indian sub-continent catering to the secured Financial Messaging space. Understanding the SWIFT operations and suggesting Banks "How they can improve the present SWIFT Environment" has been our core competency and we keep sharing with our customers on the various pointers for effectively managing SWIFT operations both in full-hosted and the service bureau environment from time to time.


  • What is SWIFT and its various services offered

  • The challenges faced by banks to facilitate integration between CBS and SWIFT

  • RBI Guidelines & Key Controls and Security aspects in the SWIFT environment

  • Best Practices to mitigate risks and monitor the better movement of SWIFT traffic.

  • Managing historical SWIFT data effectively

Today seamless integration between CBS and SWIFT is an RBI mandate and the banks are re-modelling their entire SWIFT architecture and work-flow to meet the ever-growing needs. We can surely help Banks to understand the key elements to meet this compliance need, thereby securing the entire SWIFT environment from both internal and external threats.

This is an exclusive complimentary invite for Bankers' who are directly or indirectly associated with SWIFT operations of a Bank. Everyone involved in day-to-day SWIFT Operations & SWIFT Administrators would largely benefit from this webinar.

Please help us block your presence for the webinar.