Reconciliation Simplified


This is our full-fledged plug & play Nostro Reconciliation System software product designed for Banks to automatically reconcile Incoming Nostro Statements against entries in the Bank’s General Ledger entries, and thereby minimizing the manual effort required to keep accounts reconciled. Our solution uses a multi-level matching engine that automates the processing of transactions and enhances match rates. It provides comprehensive exception management which helps in identifying unmatched entries across multiple BIC’s and provides mechanisms to match entries using the manual match process.

The Key Features of NOTIVA Recon

  • Unlimited Nostro and Recon Account creation
  • Unlimited Transaction and Currency creation and maintenance
  • Dashboard for Summary and information at a glance
  • Multiple Channels to Process CBS/Treasury Data for Internal Account
  • Supports ISO 20022 formatted CBPR+ Messaging Standards
  • Auto upload of FCC Mirror entries & SWIFT MT940/950 statements
  • Data Enrichment from MT103/202/910/900 message in Nostro entries
  • Matching (One to One and One to Many)
  • Rule Based Auto Matching OR Rule Based Suggested Matching
  • User Interface for creating matching Rules at Accounts and/or Transaction level
  • Control checks of Balances
  • Auto-match / Manual Match
  • Upload option for Department tagging
  • Handle Split / Merge of entries
  • International Branch Recon (Separate Entity)
  • User defined Reports & MIS
  • Optimized & Automated EOD process
  • Provision for defining the data structure for internal account integration like XML/JSON/CSV
  • Multiple channels to process SWIFT 940/950 messages (Single / Batches)