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Our Story

NOTIVA is a Fintech brand under the flagship of Globsyn Group which offers high-end sophisticated fintech solutions for banks and financial institutions in the field of transaction monitoring and security. Our product range encompasses of SWIFT transaction monitoring, financial fraud & risk management solution, data-warehousing solution, and NOSTRO reconciliation solution.

About Globsyn

Globsyn Group with a rich heritage of 25+ years is a global outlook firm with deep domain competencies in Education, Technology, and Infrastructure. A people driven research and IP creation firm, ‘Globsyn’ is constantly identifying new knowledge and technology trends to develop cutting-edge solutions for its customers around the world.
  • ASSOCHAM India Best Authentication Solution Award

    For excellence in SWIFT products and services used for Core Banking Systems

  • CIO Insider Magazine - 10 Most Recommended FinTech Companies of 2023

    Globsyn NOTIVA is among the 10 Most Recommended FinTech Companies of 2023


    Our tagline ‘Empowering Banks’ reflects our vision of developing hi-tech, robust, yet affordable solutions that seamlessly monitor and track both cross-border and domestic transactions of a bank for possible frauds and thereby aligns banking people, processes, and technology with the requisite regulatory compliance and good governance standards.


    NOTIVA Prime is a state-of-the-art direct plug-in middleware solution for banks, which monitors and screens FIN transactions by establishing a full proof real-time STP integration between a bank’s core banking system and SWIFT system.

    • User-friendly, dashboard-driven, browser-based offering which integrates multiple internal systems of the bank with the bank’s SWIFT system
    • Enables high level of automation and provides real-time monitoring for cross border and treasury payments
    • Facilitates real-time sanction screening and automates the process of e-mail notifications for branches and end customers
    • Ideal solution for monitoring every SWIFT outbound message sent by the bank’s network, thereafter, staying safe from potential malware attacks
    • It supports SWIFT FIN and ISO 20022 CBPR+ messages


    NOTIVA Recon is our full-fledged plug & play Nostro Reconciliation System software product designed for Banks to automatically reconcile Incoming Nostro Statements against entries in the Bank’s General Ledger entries, and thereby minimizing the manual effort required to keep the accounts reconciled.

    • Allows 1-1, 1-many, many-1, and many-many combinations for reconciliation
    • Allows manual entry from statements where electronic transaction data is unavailable
    • Internet browser-based, thin client architecture allows for reconciliation to be carried out from multiple workstations, locations accessing the application on a central server
    • Add-on module to manage exceptions and communications


    NOTIVA Central is a real-time, centralized, banking business intelligence-driven, comprehensive Fraud Risk Management (FRM) solution, which is designed for banks to analyze the entire flow of its customer transactions through various channels.

    • Analyse the entire flow of its customer transactions through its various channels
    • Analyse each channel transactions against its necessary bank-defined rule sets, identify all the possible fraud-trigger points
    • Follow a customized workflow process for fraud analysis and detection, prevention and alert
    • Integrated features like customized configuration management, customized rules engine for creating unlimited rules, rule-based business process workflows, etc


    Warehousing solution used by the banks to perform quick investigations on historical transaction data. NOTIVA Sanctum can store terabytes of archived and live SWIFT and non-SWIFT transactions in a single message storage box.

    • Securely stores all the historical archived SWIFT transactions in a single location.
    • Provides unlimited storage for both SWIFT and non-SWIFT messages coming from multiple sources.
    • Has in-built powerful search tool which makes it quick and easy to find the exact desired information.
    • Renders user-friendly access for operational needs and enables business users to access transactions.
    • Is highly scalable on meeting the on-going needs of banks.
    • Enables live SWIFT transactions push notifications on a real-time basis.


    Globsyn NOTIVA has partnered with Finastra, UK to provide alternate SWIFT network solutions in India through their product Total Messaging – a secure and comprehensive messaging solution that connects banks and corporations across domestic and international networks.

    • Integrated dashboard giving high visibility
    • Connectivity to Interbank services such as SWIFT (FIN, FINPlus, FileAct, InterAct) and many others
    • Interfaces with many banking applications, ERP systems, treasury management systems, transaction filter and reconciliation packages
    • Advanced straight-through-processing
    • Support for Smart Cards and SecureID
    • Message entry, investigation, conversion, (de)-bulking, deluxe routing and most middleware functionality


    CBPR+ helps banks to complete a smooth transition from legacy messaging to ISO 20022 for SWIFT transactions without compromising their existing process.

    • Readily parses, builds, and validates all CBPR+ Message Types
    • Ensures compliance with the SRG for both MT and MX Messages
    • Messages can be converted into MX to MT or MT to MX in real-time
    • Allows manual operations control under certain criteria
    • Uses additional layer to secure transfer of messages and files
    • All action and event logs are recorded for review or error checking

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