NOTIVA PRIME is a state-of-the-art direct plug-in middle-ware solution for banks, which monitors and screens FIN transactions by establishing a fool-proof real-time STP integration between a bank’s core banking system and SWIFT system.

NOTIVA CENTRAL is a real-time, centralized, banking business intelligence-driven, comprehensive Fraud Risk Management (FRM) solution, which is designed for banks to analyze the entire flow of its customer transactions through various channels.

NOTIVA SANCTUM is a Generic Automated Real-Time E-mail/SMS notification solution that understands the unique notification needs of a bank towards its customers, integrates itself and processes data from its internal system to notify customers of important updates.

NOTIVA RECON is an account reconciliation product for banks that manage NOSTRO account reconciliation. It seeks transaction data from the internal treasury systems and matches the same with the corresponding NOSTRO statements.


Globsyn Group has partnered with FINASTRA to provide alternate SWIFT network solutions in India through their product TOTAL MESSAGING - a secure and comprehensive messaging solution that connects banks and corporations across domestic and international networks.



Globsyn NOTIVA is a Fintech brand under the flagship of Globsyn Group which offers high-end sophisticated fi­ntech solutions for banks and ­financial institutions in the fi­eld of transaction monitoring and security. Our product range encompasses of a middleware solution NOTIVA PRIME that monitors SWIFT transactions, a Financial Risk Management solution NOTIVA CENTRAL that detects and prevents frauds in the multichannel domestic space, as well as a NOSTRO reconciliation platform, NOTIVA RECON.



Globsyn 3rdLife is the boutique IT product company under the flagship Globsyn Group with a legacy of 22+ years in business across its 4 verticals of Education, Technology, Skills, and Infrastructure. Built on the three pillars of Innovation, Disruption, and Transformation, Globsyn 3rdLife has quickly emerged as a change-maker in the fintech space across South East Asia launching its very own Fintech brand NOTIVA.


Our tagline 'Empowering Banks with secure transaction monitoring' reflects our vision of developing hi-tech, robust, yet affordable solutions that seamlessly monitor and track both cross-border and domestic transactions of a bank for possible frauds and thereby aligns banking people, processes and technology with the requisite regulatory compliance and good governance standards.


Bikram Dasgupta

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Founder & Executive Chairman

Globsyn Group

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Romit Dasgupta

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Joint Managing Director

Globsyn Group

Rahul Dasgupta

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Joint Managing Director

Globsyn Group


We are a team of smart, energetic and experienced professionals, who have years of expertise in software development, technology solutions, and product innovation, along with 80+ years of experience in implementing solutions in the SWIFT domain.

Vidya Bangera

Support Specialist

Indrani Kar

Business Development

Partha Pratim Das

Business Monitoring

Corporate Office

Ambarish Singh

Head Business Development

Basetti Raja Rao

Senior Technical Product Architect

Ajeya Sengupta

Senior Consultant


Kaushalendra Shukla

Product Development Specialist


For excellence in SWIFT products and services used for Core Banking Systems





CBS Architect,

Saraswat Bank

We at Saraswat Bank are live using NOTIVA Prime middle-ware solution provided by Globsyn 3rdLife. Using NOTIVA Prime our bank has fulfilled RBI mandate of seamlessly integrating the internal CBS and TREASURY systems with the SWIFT system. Globsyn 3rdLife team did a good job and completed the integration process in record time.

Executive Vice President,
Business & Technology Solutions, Yes Bank

Our engagement with Globsyn 3rdLife team on implementation of Notiva solution at Yes Bank has been really good. The said solution has been running at Yes Bank smoothly for the last couple of years and has been appreciated by our stakeholder. The support from the team has been exceptional in this journey. We look forward to similar support in the coming period.

R. Janakiraman,

Treasury Head, SVC Bank

NOTIVA Prime’ not only does STP but also meets many other compliance requirements. It provides message formatting and network validation of SWIFT messages which reduces our SWIFT-related costs as the incidence of NAK messages have drastically reduced. It tracks and reconciles in real-time the CBS source data against the SWIFT Acknowledgement thereby increasing the security of the system. In short, by keeping just an intelligent middleware in place, we feel we have more control over our own financial data. 

Bandhan Bank

Bandhan Bank's engagement with Globsyn on  implementation of NOTIVA Central FRM solution has been very good. The team worked with our Bank during the implementation of NOTIVA Central application and also helped us in customization of the rule sets as per the Bank’s requirements.The said solution is live at our bank now helping us to monitor multi-channel customer transactions in order to identify possible frauds. We expect similar standard of support from the Globsyn team in the future as well.



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