Next Gen Financial Data Warehousing Solutions

NOTIVA Sanctum

NOTIVA Sanctum is a ready to install Data-Warehousing solution used by the banks to perform quick investigations on historical transaction data. NOTIVA Sanctum can store terabytes of archived and live SWIFT and non-SWIFT transactions in a single message storage box. It offers access to a list of transaction details for auditors, regulators, and end users at the click of a button. It has an exhaustive built-in search engine supporting powerful free-text search mechanism along with extensive search criteria which makes searching of historical data simple and quick. The solution is currently installed on-prem where the entire data is stored as a secured repository for perpetuity, and can be easily integrated with any SWIFT accredited interface like SWIFT Alliance Access/Entry, TurboSWIFT, Total Messaging, Merva, etc. For business and operation teams, it allows the bank to have real-time iew & print access of live SWIFT traffic.

Challenges We Address

It is a known fact that every bank today is highly dependent on SWIFT’s own solutions which are not only rigid, complex, and expensive, but are also not agile enough to adjust to any bank’s internal business needs. One of the pain points faced by the banks is accessing their own historical archived SWIFT transactions, which are scattered and dumped in various storage areas like tape drives, hard disk drives, and other external storages. The fact remains that this data, even though critical, is not available until it is urgently needed. This data is needed for future references or for any inquiry conducted by the regulator, bank’s senior management, compliance, or risk management departments for important decision-making.

Thus, the solution to these challenges is on having the data stored in a single centralized storage platform and made readily available as and when the data is required. Additionally, once the bank goes live using NOTIVA Sanctum, there is no need for the bank to procure additional concurrent user licenses of SWIFT interfaces to just view and print SWIFT messages.

NOTIVA Sanctum Key Features

  • Securely stores all the historical archived SWIFT transactions in a single location
  • Directly uploads archived SWIFT messages
  • Provides unlimited storage for both SWIFT and non-SWIFT messages coming from multiple sources
  • Has in-built powerful search tool which makes it quick and easy to find the exact desired information
  • Renders user-friendly access for operational needs and enables business users to access transactions
  • Is highly scalable on meeting the on-going needs of banks
  • Facilitates day-to-day investigations to find any particular given transaction
  • Enables live SWIFT transactions push notifications on a real-time basis
  • Prepares readily available query using advanced reporting tools
  • Delivers reports that can be downloaded and exported as XLS and PDF files
  • Ensures that all the archived data/transactions are 100% tamper-proof