Data-Warehousing Solution for SWIFT Transaction


Punjab National Bank had a concern about how they could accumulate historical transaction data from multiple source systems. The bank was looking for a solution that would consolidate every bit of transaction data that was scattered earlier across multiple external storage devices and was not made available when needed. The bank needed a solution that would act as a Data Repository for all the historical archived SWIFT transactions (Inward and Outward) along with the history of the message to be stored in a single location. Apart from the SWIFT transactions, the bank wishes to capture and store all the Event Logs in a centralized location.


The bank approached NOTIVA for developing a solution that provides a front-end GUI to search and allow the concerned users to extract the desired SWIFT transactions and the related Event Logs with a click of a button. The bank needed a user-friendly solution that would provide User Access Management and allow users to search the SWIFT historical messages and the related logs.


As per the business need of the bank, our proposed solution NOTIVA Sanctum met the business requirement to ensure that each and every transaction and every event log entry are being captured within NOTIVA Sanctum. Additionally, the solution provides user-defined reports for any kind of regulatory requirements.


With NOTIVA Sanctum, we provided an exhaustive search engine with a granular search option to end users to view the Historical Data and Event Logs within NOTIVA Sanctum.